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While all of our agents are licensed to serve clients anywhere in the state of Georgia, each agent has a list of Middle Georgia counties and surrounding areas he/she serves most often.

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Candice Harnage - Middle Georgia Medicare

Candice Harnage

Owner & Benefits Specialist

Phone: (478) 845-5301


Counties: Bibb, Bleckley, Dooly, Houston, Jones, Macon, Peach, Twiggs

When I was younger, I wanted to be a race car driver! However, life trials and God’s plans are different from our own. I found myself in the insurance industry starting at 19 years old. Twenty-five years later, I founded Middle Georgia Medicare! I have a true passion for humanity and helping others. I find helping others navigate Medicare fills the void of missing my mother and grandparents.

I grew up in Middle Georgia and currently live in Perry. I am married to my best friend, and we have one daughter who is my entire heart and two dogs who are as spoiled as can be. When I’m not helping Medicare clients, you can find me at home trying to convince my husband we need to do home improvement projects.

I’m excited to help people in Middle Georgia and be a reliable source for the area! I am an active member of the Perry Chamber, and I volunteer with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I mainly work in Perry, Warner Robins, Byron, Macon and everywhere in between. I am licensed for the entire state of Georgia. Contact me today to go over your Medicare options!

Kelly Stone Middle Georgia Medicare 775x1024

Kelly Stone

Benefits Specialist

Phone: (478) 292-7419


Counties: Bibb, Houston, Jones, Peach, Twiggs

Kelly joined the team and fit right in from the beginning. Kelly has over 35 years of experience in the insurance industry. She is always striving to learn more to better assist her clients. Kelly loves the Lord and has a servant’s heart. She truly thrives off of helping others and building relationships within the community. When Kelly is not at work, besides her family, her favorite place is the gym. She loves spending time with her husband on their land or gardening, and spending time with her two kids. Between insurance clients, gym routines, and family time, she keeps herself busy and happy. Kelly was born and raised in middle Georgia.

Kelly mainly works in Houston, Bibb, Peach, Twiggs and Jones counties. However, she is licensed for the entire state of Georgia. Contact Kelly today to review your many options.

Ronnie Parker

Ronnie Parker

Benefits Specialist

Phone: (478) 387-4256


Counties: Bleckley, Dodge, Johnson, Laurens, Montgomery, Toombs, Twiggs, Washington, Wilkinson

Ronnie brings over fifty years of experience to our team. He has a wealth of knowledge in Life, Health and Medicare insurances. Ronnie is a Georgia native, and currently resides in Dudley after having worked several years in the Augusta area. His favorite part of Medicare is making personal connections and helping people find plans. Ronnie will make you feel like life-long friends. When he’s not working with Medicare clients, you can find him on his tractor, golfing or fishing. When you talk to Ronnie, ask him about his new fish fryer or how fast he got his Polaris up too!

Ronnie works mainly from Dublin, Lyons, Vidalia and everywhere in between. He is licensed for the entire state of Georgia. Contact Ronnie today to go over your Medicare options!

Jesse Braswell

Jesse Braswell

Benefits Specialist

Phone: (478) 845-3707


Counties: Dodge, Johnson, Laurens, Montgomery, Telfair, Toombs

Jesse joins the team bringing close to fifty years of experience with him. He also has a wealth of knowledge in Life, Health and Medicare insurances. Jesse has spent most of his career in the Middle Georgia area but currently lives in Dexter. Jesse always makes people laugh and lights up when he talks about his wife and family. Jesse’s favorite part of Medicare is helping people save money with the right plans. When he’s not working with Medicare clients, you can find him golfing or fishing. When you talk to Jesse ask him to tell you about some his adventures flying solo planes when he was younger!

Jesse works mainly from Dublin, Eastman, Vidalia and everywhere in between. He is licensed for the entire state of Georgia. Contact Jesse today to learn about your Medicare options!

Bob Gay

Bob Gay

Benefits Specialist

Phone: (478) 787-6151


Counties: Baldwin, Jones, Laurens, Putnam, Washington, Wilkinson

Bob joins the team having forty years of experience in the industry with him. He equally has a wealth of knowledge in Life, Health and Medicare insurances. Most of Bob’s work experience is in Middle Georgia, and he currently resides in Milledgeville. Don’t let Bob’s quiet demeanor fool you – he is friendly and has a great sense of humor! Bob’s favorite part of Medicare is genuinely helping people. When you have a question or concern about your plan, Bob will absolutely take care of you. Bob is a huge family man and has immense pride in wife, children and grandchildren. When he is not helping his Medicare clients, you can find Bob on the lake trying to hook a fish. When you talk to Bob ask him about his favorite fishing spot.

Bob works mainly in Milledgeville, Irwinton, Madison and everywhere in between. He is licensed for the entire state of Georgia. Contact Bob today to discuss your Medicare options!

Dave Waters - Middle Georgia Medicare 775x1024

Dave Waters

Benefits Specialist

Phone: (478) 787-6197


Counties: Bulloch, Burke, Jenkins & surrounding counties

Dave Waters brings to the team a background in life insurance. He has worked in the field many years and is excited to add Medicare Insurance to his portfolio. Dave is a Deacon at his church and is the epitome of “Servant’s heart”. He loves the Lord and helping people. In addition to being very active in his church and community he also helps coach children’s soccer. Dave was born and raised in Millen. When he’s not home you will find him in the mountains of North Georgia at his favorite get away spot.

Dave services Millen, Statesboro and surrounding areas. Contact Dave today to discuss your available options. 

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Client Testimonials

Read what our clients have to say about us!

“My husband recently turned 65 and went on Medicare. With ALL the pamphlets and mail being sent to him, we were so confused. Not understanding – it seemed so complicated – we were given Candice’s name and contact information by a relative. I made the call and was so glad that we did. She asked us questions, answered our questions, and made every step so easy. Candice made sure my husband got everything that he was eligible for and found the right plan with the benefits best for him.”

Connie H. | Toombs County

“I’ve been working with Jesse for a while. I had a recent situation where I was tricked into a different policy. I knew I could trust Jesse, so I called him, and he fixed it for me. I will only work with Jesse going forward.”

Lilian G. | Laurens County

“Candice, just a quick note to say how much I appreciate your help in sorting through and selecting my Medicare solutions. You were patient, knowledgeable, kind and always available to address any needs. I am truly proud to have you as my agent. Thanks, again, for your exemplary service. I will continue to recommend you to all my friends.”

Bill F. | Houston County

“When I turned 65, I called Ronnie. He helped me to get full Medicaid where I did not have to pay the Part B premium of $170.00 per month, plus he got me on the United Duel plan. I have no copays and have dental and vision coverage along with hearing aids. I thank Mr. Ronnie Parker – he was a big help to me, and I will always remember him.”

Willie B. | Richmond County

“When I turned 65, I was overwhelmed with the decisions that needed to be made concerning my Medicare. Thankfully, I had a professional insurance agent that I’ve known for 35 plus years to turn to for advice. Bob Gay is an agent that I’ve had insurance with most of my adult life and has always gone the extra mile to make sure I got the best rates available. He was the same with my Medicare plan. During his first interview with me, he discovered I was eligible for my Part B premium to be paid for, which also gave me extra benefits.

I highly recommend Bob, for he truly cares and will go that extra mile to make sure we get all that’s available. I’m grateful for his help, especially when I knew nothing about Medicare; he made it easy and was so helpful.”

Patricia B. | Washington County

“Candice Harnage went above and beyond to ensure I got the coverage I needed. Her knowledge and expertise are only surpassed by her professional and caring demeanor. She helped me navigate the process and answered any question that arose. I endorse her wholeheartedly!”

Carl C., Jr. | Houston County