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Middle Georgia Medicare: Why Owner Candice Harnage Started a Medicare Insurance Agency

Mar 31, 2022 | Exciting News, Medicare Guidance

My name is Candice Harnage, and I am the proud owner of Middle Georgia Medicare.

What inspired me to start a Medicare insurance agency? How did I get here? That is a great question I often ask myself. I certainly didn’t grow up dreaming about opening an insurance agency, yet here I am. In high school, I actually thought I would be a race car driver or a MTV VJ – you know, one of those hip and trendy announcers who introduced music videos and live performances on television. Oh, the things I would go back and tell that young girl!

We all know life and God have much different plans for us. I found myself starting in the insurance industry in 1998 as a very naive young adult. I worked in corporate America for twenty-one years. I learned a lot and am very grateful for that experience. The best thing out of it is: I realized I like people. I loved helping them, working with them, encouraging them, watching others succeed and building those relationships. Incorporate all the personal struggles I’ve gone through along with my work history, and I have found my true calling: helping others.

When I started working in the Medicare field, I instantly fell in love with it. Why? The people! I used to love helping my grandparents and my mother, especially. I miss simply talking with them, helping them with whatever they needed help with, and then getting that big hug. I found that working for myself and in the Medicare world, I can take my time, get to know my clients, build those relationships and truly help. It makes me happy and satisfies my soul. I think it really makes a big difference for my clients, too.

We all know God has a plan for us and he has the perfect timing. I never desired to be a business owner – or an insurance agent – and one random day, God put the desire in my heart. That was literally all she wrote. I talked to my husband, and without skipping a beat, he said go for it. There is no fancy story, just me and God’s plan. That’s it. I have been blessed and worked hard, and now I have my own agency!

My goal for Middle Georgia Medicare, and what I strive for as an agent, is truly to be a valuable asset to those in my community, to help others and to build long-lasting relationships. I see how many people are overwhelmed with the process and options of Medicare. And I am angered by those that get taken advantage of by the bad agents. I know Medicare agents come a dime a dozen; however, I assure you: I am not part of that dozen. With my team and me, you will find someone from your community with your best interest at heart.

How can my team and I help YOU? If you have any questions about Medicare, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Visit our Find Your Agent page, and you can learn more about everyone on our team and how to contact us. You can also send us a message through the form on our Contact page. We look forward to connecting with you!

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